1926 - 1929

Company history

1926: Founding of the company
1926: Founding of the company

Andreas Stihl founds an engineering office in Stuttgart. He becomes the regional representative of the Berlin-based company E. Ring & Co., manufacturer of the “Rinco” tree trimming and felling machine, and develops his own chainsaw. The production and sale of pre-combustion systems ensures financial independence.

1927: The first employees

Andreas Stihl hires his first two employees. They stay loyal to him and his company for decades.

1928: The first trademark

STIHL becomes a brand. The name represents the ceaseless quest of the engineer and company founder Andreas Stihl to ease the heavy labour of forestry work with his inventions.

1929: Sales and service from a single source

The northern German sales office of Maschinenfabrik Andreas Stihl is established in Stadthagen and later becomes the independent company C. Witte & Sohn. The principle of only sellling his machines through specialist dealers who provide service becomes a cornerstone of Andreas Stihl’s quality philosophy.

Product history

1926: Pre-combustion boiler

The ready-to-install low-pressure pre-combustion boilers (pre-boilers) from Andreas Stihl, with two-stage combustion of the fuel, help save energy for industrial hot water and steam generation.

1927: Trimming chainsaw with electric motor

Output 2.2 kW, weight 48 kg. The first STIHL chainsaw is a two-person unit for trimming (cutting) felled trees in log yards. It is not suitable for felling trees, since it only operates vertically.

1929: Stihl type A tree felling machine

Andreas Stihl presents his first saw with a petrol engine in 1929. It is a two-person saw with 6 hp and a weight of 46 kg, a genuine “tree-felling machine”.